Parents, GEOMETRY is not like Algebra where the student can review, catch up on lost skills, then move forward. What you learn Day 1 is definitely needed Day 10, Day 20, Day 30 etc. Since you are given a lot of symbols, intensive vocabulary is critical. The average GEOMETRY student does not even have a textbook to get the vocabulary. They must rely on packets from the teacher which does not have vocabulary but sometimes complex shortcuts.

I am a degreed veteran homeschool teacher and public school tutor based in Stafford, VA and a member of the local homeschool group (about 600 families) for the past 13 years. My students are local but the majority are in other time zones where I tutor online using ZOOM. My husband retired from the military many years ago and Stafford has been home since 1989. Besides math, students with dyslexia are my specialty. I am also an ASVAB test prep strategist with a proven record. I have tutored college students from Germanna with math struggles and from NOVA needing help writing their essays -analysis, persuasive, and argumentative.

My sessions are taught safely one-on-one in Western Stafford in my homeschool classroom where I have a 6 ft. table or on ZOOM in 1 - 2 hour increments. ZOOM has an awesome screen sharing capability which makes it easy for me to teach the theory concept of any subject.

My son graduated from homeschool and went off to college and became a Licensed Vet Tech. He practiced for 6 years then went back to school to become a Registered Nurse(RN) in the operating room. Since Covid came he is now a Traveling Nurse. He was not able to make a grade above a "C" in public school. He thrived in homeschool and graduated at the top of his class and from a college whose graduation rate was only 62%. My son thanked me for a stress-free education. My daughter who has dyslexia was also homeschooled and graduated in 2018 from ODU. She is now a middle school teacher.

MY SUMMER SCHEDULE IS NOW OPEN!!! Parents, please give your child a head start in learning GEOMETRY. Over the summer we will create about 100 flash cards and believe me my students use them during their Fall session. Fall is too late to start tutoring your child. Some teachers move quickly and do not cover the basics.

My homeschool monthly rate is $400(unlimited days) and I am happy to catch your child up then follow them after school 2 or more sessions per week if I have the space. My tutoring rate is $65.00 per hour. MY RATES ARE NEGOTIABLE (especially if you are a grandparent trying to help your grandchild). Last year I had 4 happy GEOMETRY PARENTS and all their children passed the class with high marks and the SOL as well.

For additional information, please send a return email with a CELL PHONE NUMBER ATTACHED. I have received many SPAM EMAILS. If you do not allow me to contact you then I will not return your email. Thank you for your time. I have many references.

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