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compensation: $$$$$$$$


I am looking for someone who can build a Tree House in the woods to do... just that.

If you can provide the materials and the crew to build it - I can make sure we keep it full booked year round. I do NOT have the land to build it on so I need someone who is already sort of around this type of thing and may have some ideas for what we could do and how you could get this finished and WHERE we could build it.

If you think this is crazy - or stupid - if you're a contractor I promise are not going to get it booked year round or run the business side of the Airbnb posts/reviews, Vrbo, IG and FB posting/reviews for the Tree House, clean it and have it turned over for the next guests for the next day. You will be so overwhelmed with 1 you'll quit. But if we work together we could do 10 of these and split the profits 50/50 - then you'll have residual income for years to come.

Your business is building and my business is being a top marketing professional and making sure we make money off Airbnb destination locations.

I see the partnership going like this - you build a tree house similar to the one in the post...I will get it rented out everyday - you get paid back first until your labor and crew total cost is paid off then we switch it to a 50/50 payment partnership where we split the profits for the money the tree house makes.

Then we move on to Tree House #2 - I can tell you what the keys are to getting it rented out and some rough ball parks #'s for what we would make in year 1 if you're interested.

There is a lot of money in this right now and looking for someone to start working with me ASAP. If you can get it up we will start making money the day it's finished.

My goal would be to do 10 of these with whoever I partner up with. You have to put up for the materials and labor in the beginning but trust me it is going to be well worth it.

This isn't a scam or a that guy that bitches about this like you do about every job.......and go ahead and look for your next PAID JOB...and when that job is will need to find another JOB...and then another one and so on...

Orrrrr...we team up and you build ONE of these guys (trust me you will see it's low risk low reward to start...but then it will start to snowball QUICKLY).... and we make money for a long time off of it...and you work for yourself and start a business with a guy who is more hard working than anybody you have ever met.

I want to work with someone I can trust and someone I can build a long lasting relationship off of. If you can just get ONE of these up will snowball and you'll see what I mean...and treehouses will just be the start of it next will be much bigger things.

Let me know if you can do what I am looking for and let's get it going.

Stop doing random jobs for random people who will never be fully happy w/your work anyways and start increasing your total net worth.

I'm the guy that will take you to the next level.

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