🌺Surrender in Loving Hands. Availability 5/13-6/1🌴 (Virginia Beach)

🌺Surrender in Loving Hands. Availability 5/13-6/1🌴 1 thumbnail🌺Surrender in Loving Hands. Availability 5/13-6/1🌴 2 thumbnail
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I have dedicated my life to being a 'purveyor of touch' in a touch starved world. I am a professional holistic practitioner with almost 20 years sharing the magic of sensual touch massage and human connection. I specialize in loving touch massage, human connection, walk and talk wellness and embrace therapy in a safe space. Get your healthy dose of oxytocin through these wonderful touch practices that are sure to relax and uplift you. I truly love catering to others and treating them to a memorable experience.

My serene retreat in Virginia Beach is discreet, private, clean and peaceful. The ambiance is warm and inviting. I pride myself on the quality of care I provide to SELECTED individuals and this reflects in the testimonials I have received over the years.

I am NOT an escort! I am NOT available 24/7 or at a moments notice! I am by appointment only. I must first meet you before I will invite you into my private oasis. No exceptions! Please be serious when contacting me!!! If I set up a meeting with you please honor our time together as I have set aside time with you when I could have been in a session or meeting other individuals who seriously wished to experience what I have to offer. No shows will be immediately blocked from further wasting my time!!!

People say I have a calming presence about me. I am level headed, do not smoke, use drugs of any kind and am mentally and emotionally grounded. I keep my life happy, peaceful, filled with positive energy and lots of laughter. I am compassionate, empathetic and non-judgmental. I have been told I am very easy to talk to and people feel comfortable opening up to me. It gives me great joy to be of service and to know I am making a beautiful impact on people's well being. Touch is truly my passion. I believe wholeheartedly that I was put on this earth to share this with others and make a difference in their lives.

A soft touch can open so many doors that were once closed. We are living in a touch starved world and so many people are experiencing skin hunger, loneliness, sadness, depression, trauma, separation from a loved one, grief, stress, low relationship satisfaction, sleep deprivation and the list goes on. It is extremely healing to wrap your arms around another person and hold space for them. I find it a privilege to be there for others as they peel away the layers of their life and share with me so openly. I will listen with an open heart; however I am not your psychotherapist. I am just here to offer emotional support and connection. So many of us lack physical closeness in our daily life. Everything shared in my sessions is kept between us as this creates trust, safety, comfort and security. Your tears are welcome here. My relaxing cuddle sanctuary is just the place to be held and snuggled. We can listen to music, talk and you can enjoy that missing attention you have longed for. So many people are craving connection and positive touch and I am excited to provide that for you.

My massage sanctuary is warm and peaceful. Bodywork is done on a top of the line oversized, professional massage table that is extremely comfortable and allows you to drift off. I use a warm coconut oil to massage you and freshly washed, hot towels to wipe you down. My massage style is a combination of slow rhythmic oceanic movements, long flowing strokes with my hands, forearms, light finger tips, scratching and a sensuous touch. An amazing, full body, sensual massage with me is exquisitely facilitated with true compassion and empathy towards your need for sensuality and affection. When I touch I am fully present. I am very in tune with whoever is receiving my loving touch as I am listening and watching your body language and paying close attention for what it needs and yearns for.

When you are in my care my sole focus is YOU and YOUR ENJOYMENT.

I do not use a ⏰ to keep track of time, so please come prepared to leave the world behind when scheduling with me. You will be treated with the utmost love and care.

I simply like to slow down the sense of time and honor you and provide you an exceptional experience you will look forward to enjoying again. The benefits of my crafts are extremely beneficial to healing inside the body, ❤️ and mind.

I speak Spanish fluently and am fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

I am interested in meeting, NON-SMOKING, easy going, respectful, middle aged to senior professionals who can appreciate my unique touch. I DO NOT CARE WHAT WHAT COLOR YOUR SKIN IS OR YOUR ETHNIC BACKGROUND; WE ALL BLEED THE SAME! GOOD HYGIENE IS IMPERATIVE! FIRST IMPRESSIONS SPEAK VOLUMES to me.

🦋🌸🦋Everyone I choose to invite to experience my loving touch must first go through my screening process! For my safety and that of my guests I do require a 20 minute meet and greet at a local park near me so we may get to know one another and simply walk and talk in nature and see if the energy is compatible. If you are traveling a distance please let me know so that I may be available afterwards in the event you would like to experience a session with me.🦋🌸🦋

I have made some amazing acquaintances in my career and always have room for more. Feel free to get in touch with me if what I have to offer you appeals to your senses.

I invite you to forget about time and allow each moment to unfold naturally. Now take a deep breath, exhale and let go. You have been invited to relax your mind, body, emotions and spirit through my trusting, loving touch.

Your peace of mind is just a message away.

Holistic Practitioner

TEXTS ONLY PLEASE: 843-410-9292.

P.S. 💚🌈I am located in Virginia Beach. If you are seeing my ad a long ways away from your home that is because I am wanting to reach out to a wider audience to share my passion for touch and connection with newcomers far and wide. I truly love meeting new energies from all over the USA.💚🌈

"Deb is a gem and I am so happy that I found her. She is attractive, professional, and in my opinion, the best in the Tidewater area. Her touch is amazing from head to toe. I have never experienced anything like it...She is a great conversationalist and will quickly put you at ease as she can talk about anything. If you have every sought out a professional massage, don't walk but run and see Deb. I can't wait to see her again!"

"A massage with Deb is an experience you will never forget. She is an amazing beauty that you will feel very open with and it will seem like you have known her for years. The massage is a level above anything I have ever experienced. Her touch is so intimate and comforting that you will want the massage to last forever. She takes her time with you and you feel like the only person in the world in the time you spend with her. I have been going to her for massage for over 5 years and there is no other experience that can compare. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to receive a massage from her, don’t hesitate. " 7-18-23

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