Kiln dried firewood - $120 (Doswell)

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I make fire wood that you can stack on your porch, in your garage, or even in a closet. Stock up now; it will not lose value and I will be raising the price soon. We can also provide a fitted cover so that you can store it outside indefinitely. We make it every day and it doesn't need to dry so we are able to produce dry wood even though it’s too late to dry wood that had been cut this summer.

If you like burning well seasoned clean firewood, you will love our product. Our product is clean enough to carry in your car and store in your house.

We make an environmentally friendly firewood we call Liberty Bricks. Liberty Bricks are the size of a brick (2 pounds) and go in your wood stove, fireplace insert, or fireplace or barbecue. They are made of highly compressed wood fibers (kiln dried saw dust and shavings) and there are no glues or binders in the brick. They burn consistently and have many advantages over raw firewood. No bark, dirt, bugs, virtually no moisture and the creosote that results from moist wood, denser (so they can last overnight), take up less space, and burn completely with no charcoal and very little ash. Easy to start with a single piece of fatwood, a few wads of newspaper or a waxed paper juice or milk carton.

You MUST call or text to make an appointment to pick up some Liberty Bricks; we are a producer and we are only at the site when we are producing. please call or text; I only occasionally check my email

Great for getting full capacity out of smaller stoves and much easier than feeding stoves with heavy splits. Also great as a supplement to raw wood for overnight heat without having to get up in the middle of the night or to get good heat fast in the morning.

We will load your pickup or trailer with a forklift.

Our facility is near King's Dominion.

Bricks are packed in shrink wrapped bundles to virtually eliminate dust. Bundles are tightly stacked on a pallet with 2000 pounds to a pallet, covered and stretch wrapped as shown in the picture ready to be loaded with a forklift into the bed of a pickup or onto a trailer.

Price is $220 for one ton/2000 pounds on a pallet. $120 for 1000 pounds.

A ton of bricks has about the same heating value as a full cord of firewood. An entire bundle placed in a stove and with dampers shut down to a minimum will still have coals eight hours later.

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