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Android Extreme TV Box, Watch ANYTHING Free. Ad-Free - $235


make / manufacturer: Android
model name / number: Android extreme

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See 4 minute demo video and see it in action at

Call me anytime at 559 642-7381 for any questions.
Thank you! Corky Stanton
BBB Accredited. A+ rating.

Call me anytime at 559 642-7381 for any questions.
Thank you! Corky Stanton at
BBB Accredited. A+ Rating.

Lifetime Updates and Support
6,000 Sold- Great Reviews
5% to 15% off today!
Exclusive No Ads in Movies and Shows

Extreme Android TV Box, ***THE Best Specs EVER*** Just released! Voice remote, no need to aim the remote at the box! Android 9.0, Octa-Core, 4GB DDR4/64GB eMMC, 4K UHD/HDR-10 Support 64 Bit.

Watch ANYTHING Free. Commercial-Free TV Shows & Movies, Mobdro for live TV, Latest Kodi with the new best build. Jail broken, Fully Unlocked and Loaded. FREE Netflix, Hulu, HBO. Etc.

The level of RAM, CPU and GPU can be rated as "MONSTER". Top Spec TV Box Ever!  Fastest Anywhere. This box is for people who want over and above the best.  Plenty of room to grow. It's the fastest, most powerful TV box you can get. Four times the storage of the New Nvidia Shield. The smoothest play possible.

You're not only getting the best hardware, your getting the best software with updates for life. Lifetime warranty & support.

Unlimited lifetime support or questions at 559-642-7381 voice/text/FaceTime. Call anytime. If I'm awake I'd love to help. - Corky Stanton

Instant Access to Any Movie, TV Show, or Sports Event... Without Signing a Contract or Paying a Monthly Service Fee. No Cable or Satellite Bills Ever Again!

This is a highly customized device. We spend about an hour programming each one to allow you to search every source with just one search. Auto updates, set for life. Five years experience. There's nothing else like it. The best you can get. Period!

Over 6,000 Sold - Awesome reviews.

FREE Same Day Shipping! USPS Priority.  These sell fast, so buy now to get yours. After these are sold we will have more in a few weeks. 

This is the best you can get because we don't skimp on anything.
***** Power (Most powerful, more than enough power for smooth play and speed.)
***** Software (Best, Latest, Special Programs)
***** Quality (Super High Quality Remote With Air Mouse!)
***** Support (Lifetime Tech Support!)
***** Price (Low, Very Fair)
***** Fast Shipping (Ships Same Day! USPS Priority)
***** Reputation (Since 1998, See my 100% Feedback!)

It's your lucky day. You found me and the best TV devices! I'm your personal TV guy for you and your friends. I'll take care of you from now on. Okay?

It's the Lamborghini of TV boxes. This is the top of the line Android TV Box. Guaranteed ultra smooth video playing. No lagging or buffering.

Yes, this is the box everyone is talking about and was featured in the resent Bloomberg article. NO ANNOYING Commercials! Only on our devices! No other box seller offers this.

You can searches ALL the sources (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, etc.) at once to find virtually anything with one search. It's amazing! This box has the power to handle this program. Lesser boxes can't handle or run this program. This box has more than enough power to run these powerful TV apps.  It is extremely easy to use. 

Five years ago, when I first spent weeks setting up a tv box to make it super user friendly for my mother. Then a lot of her friends wanted one too. So I also made them for other people and that's how I got into business.

I put a lot of time into the custom build, custom menus and other tv apps installed outside of Kodi, making it the best for ease of use, speed and ability to find anything to watch. I am a developer. Plus I give lifetime support and warranty all included. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

What makes this box better and special compared to the cheaper versions? 
Most TV boxes have 1gb ram or less. The Amazon Fire TV box has 8gb rom, but because this box has 32gb of rom plus way more power and 4gb ram it can handle the our special programing with ease. It has been tested to play 4K movies at a super smooth rate with plenty of ram and rom left over.

We have programmed it to search all the sources we have installed (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, etc.) in one single search. This is exciting! Again, we alone set up your TV box to search virtually every add-on we can find IN ONE SINGLE SEARCH! ****No other box out there does this.**** That means it finds way more movies and TV shows than any other system out there. People always move up to this box once they discover this unique feature. I can't wait for you to see this! If you type in character name "Dirty Harry" you will see all five Dirty Harry movies ready to play.  Other systems don't do that with character names. On 99% of other boxes if you type in "Titanic" you see about 8 different Titanic movies from the past, this finds about 50! It is very thorough and fast.

I am your personal expert. For five years I have taken care of all my friends entertainment needs. Tech support is hardly ever needed since I make these boxes super easy to use and super reliable.

My personal cell number for voice, text or FaceTime tech support is 559-642-7381. Call me with any questions anytime. 24 hours a day. If I'm awake, I'll help you. Thank you! Corky Stanton (Google my name to find out more about me.)

Support is important when it comes to TV boxes. Especially when you want it to last for many years. We offer LIFETIME SUPPORT! My reviews are proof. You get what you pay for in life. I am here for you. I'm a phone call away. This is what I do. I love it and I want you to love your TV box! :) 

This box is more powerful than the Amazon fire TV box, Roku or Apple TV.  Plus way more apps, over 3,000,000 apps and channels in the Google Play Store for your big screen.

ANY Movie still in theaters FREE
Commercial FREE
Live news, sports, PPV fights, anything all free for life.   Yes, live TV like Fox News, ABC, NBC, HBO, etc. hundreds of live channels.  For the last three years the custom menu has been fine tuned with most reliable sources have been fine tuned and installed for ease of use for the non techy person. 

NO CABLE OR SATELLITE BILLS. You don't need a subscription to anything. No memberships. No enrollments of any kind!
30 day money back guarantee.

Menus load way faster for quicker switching between channels. Way more channels, TV shows and movies. Plenty of memory to load the whole movie so doesn't need to buffer all the time like Fire TV Sticks. 

Condition: Opened only to install, modify and configure all the side loaded programs. October 2017 model.

Unlike Roku, Apple TV, Nexus and more the box is free of any restrictions. So go ahead, install your favorite apps and customize away! Even if it's not in the PlayStore you can still install it.  With the Android Pro you're not limited so you can personalize the experience the way that you like. The 16GB internal storage gives you space and freedom to install apps without having to always worry about running out of space. This is expandable with the mini SD card slot. 

WIFI 2.4G with AC, Stream in HD and 3D. At the touch of A button, HD streaming capabilities mean you can watch your streams in the most stunning visual quality! Imagine sitting down, turning on your television and watching any movie, TV show or sporting event on demand without paying a dime for it! Well imagine no more - we have the solution for you! 

OTA Updater (Updating your software over the air), it is cloud updating, which means you never have to worry about complicated and cumbersome firmware installations. We'll be adding new features over time so that you can love your box even more. Software updates will be sent to you automatically and you can install them at your convenience, easily.

Why waste your money on cable or movie subscriptions when you can get the exact same viewing pleasure with the Android Pro TV Box - you will have access to an endless movie list that is on demand and in HD or higher. 


Extreme Android TV Box
• NEWEST ANDROID 8.1 OS: This tv box comes with updated android 8.1 OS, which is faster and more efficient. AI ONE android box has a better compatibility of software, games and applications, better user interface and user experience.
• UlTRAFAST REACTION SPEED & MEMORY: AI ONE Android TV box provides plentiful room 4GB DDR3 RAM 32GB eMMC ROM and 64 bit CPU to quickly start your apps and games. You can also add an extra TF card(up to 64GB)to expand storage, which improves the reliability of your TV box and prevents crashes due to lack of memory.
• GOOGLE VOICE CONTROL REMOTE: This android box comes with Google Voice remote which is more convenient to use watch videos & movies. Compare to the normal IR remote, you can save more time to do some other things.
• 4K H.265 TV BOX: This latest android tv box supports decoding and playing almost all popular audio and video formats, bringing you to enjoy 4K ultimate HD video. And moreover, its H.265 decoding will save 50% bandwidth than H.264, so you can play thousands of android games in a large 4K screen and enjoy a higher quality experience with less buffering.
• EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE: Comes with built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0 and supports 10/100M Ethernet LAN. We offer convenient connection and more stable WIFI signal to enjoy higher quality video experience. Just plug in the power supply, connect the box HDMI cable and Wi-Fi/Ethernet, you can watch whatever you like.

Included in the Box:
1 x Extreme Android TV Box 2018
1 x Power Charger
1 x Quality RF Remote Controller with Voice, Air Mouse and no need to aim the remote at the box.
2 x AAA Alkaline Batteries Included For Remote! (Bonus)
1 x HDMI cable included! (Bonus)
1 x User Manual
1 x Instruction sheet for special side loaded and jailbroken programs with my contact info for unlimited tech support. 

I install Kodi with the NEW Supercharged build and all the top add ons for movies, tv shows, music and more.

Mobdro - Hundreds of live tv shows, news, sports, pay-per-views free, etc. Mobdro automatically finds live video streams online. It constantly searches the web for the best video streams and brings them to your device. It updates itself.  

I install the best add ons I know of, and I have installed hundreds of different ones in the past for testing.

The final package is the best, fully loaded, and easiest to use combination of live TV, live sports, PPV's, news and movies and TV shows, radio stations and music. It's all you need. Adult XXX can be activated on request.

If you paid for all the top premium cable, satellite, music, top pay-per-views, plus HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Hulu, Netflix and others, you could be paying up to $8,000 or more a year and still only get about 10% of what you get with this box! 

Game Of Thrones, House Of Cards, and DareDevil and Westworld are always ready for you to watch. Plus every other show! All add ons update automatically.  

It comes with the Android 8.1 OS. You can airplay from your iPhone or iPad also.
You can get most all the sports channels and ppv's. Plus movies still in theaters. Every TV show and movie is automatically recorded anyway except some news and sports, so you really don’t need a PVR.

There are over 600 live channels including most all the same ones you get with dish and DIRECTV. Too many to list here. Like abc, cbs, Fox News, National Geographic, etc. plus access to most any movie ever made and any tv shows. Including movies still in theaters. Ppv's are free also.

All of our devices have the same great programming. But I recommend out best seller the Android Pro. It’s powerful, doesn’t buffer and is easy to use. You will love it! I’ve been selling for five years and my testimonials speak for themselves.

You will love it! All of the devices are good for live live sports and news. But I recommend at least 2 gigs of RAM like the Android Pro or higher for smoother play. From Amazon Fire TV Sticks to top of the line Android fast 32GB Extreme TV boxes.

Amazon Fire TV Sticks aren't as powerful. You can't put as much stuff on it, the menus are a little slower. You have buffering since the whole movie won't fit in that small amount of memory on the stick. So fast forwarding will have buffering since there is nowhere to load the rest of the movie to. You can't add a usb keyboard for typing long movie titles. This is a full-fledged computer!

I offer quantity discounts, you might want one in each room for each TV, or for your friends or for Christmas gifts. Check out the quantity discount promo codes on the front page of

I guarantee you will love this box. Many people say it is the best thing they ever bought. I am passionate about this box and I love hearing from my new friends (customers).

Thank you! 

Corky Stanton
(Try it for 30 days. If you don't like it, you get your money back.)

FREE Same Day Shipping! USPS Priority. 

See all the models and get a better price here:

Call me anytime at 559 642-7381 for any questions.
Thank you! Corky Stanton

Lifetime Updates & Support / 8 Apps Installed
2,000 Sold- Great Reviews
5% to 15% off today!
Exclusive No Ads in Movies & Shows
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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